The Berejiklian Government & NSW Health hospitals & networks

We’ve referred in previous posts to the fact that, in NSW, there are claimed to be more than 200 hospitals and health care facilities, and that, by clicking on this link, we can be taken to a list of them – albeit, that it’s list that was last updated on 18 Dec. 1998, and that if we click on the names of any of them, we are told, “Safari Can’t Find the Server.”

And that it’s been put in writing by Ms Natasha Maclaren-Jones, the Berejiklian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health, that, “All local health districts and specialty health networks in NSW provide a similar service to the Patient and Family Experience Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital,” which, of course, is absolute rubbish.(Surely, if the Berejiklian Government was serious about these things, it could find someone more qualified than Ms Maclaren-Jones to fill it’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health role!!!???)

The fact is that all we, the people, want/need, is to be able to contact people who can address any concerns we may have in dealing with any of the NSW hospitals and health care facilities, in writing. And that, at present, finding such people, is difficult, if not impossible – despite the sort of rubbish we get from Ms Maclaren-Jones and others. And that modern technology makes it incredibly easy to make all our dreams come true.

How, you may ask?

Firstly, by having a separate website for each hospital and health facility – something that it’s incredibly easy to bring about. To illustrate this, WE, ourselves, have just reserved the name, “” – it took all of 3 or 4 minutes! (The Berejiklian government is welcome to take this name over, whenever they wish, or, obviously, to reserve a similar name.) And this could be done for all the hospitals and health facilities.

Secondly, by using these names as a basis for creating blogs or websites with WordPress or something similar, (all free,) the cost of the hosting of which would be about a dollar a week, on which was displayed, amongst other things, an ordinary email address such as “” – which even school children can do these days. So a world would be created, in which simple Google searches would locate, in just a few seconds, the blog or website for any particular hospital or health facility, on which there was an ordinary email address that could be used to write letters seeking help with any of our concerns.

Thirdly, and this is the difficult part – for these things to work there have to be people standing by who provide high quality responses to requests of help, and to provide high quality responses people have to be high quality people, and high quality people don’t come cheaply, and, in 12 years of working in these areas, we’ve never got any indication that the Berejiklian Government, (or it’s predecessors, for that matter,) is in the business of employing high quality people to provide high quality answers, in NSW Health, at least. Perhaps some of our readers have???

Is cost a factor? One of the things that interests us is whether the cost of employing high quality people could be defrayed by charging for help. Would people be prepared to pay, say, $50, to be put in touch with someone who could provide high quality help in dealing with a NSW Health entity – we certainly would!

And if this was so, perhaps people who were independent, not NSW Health employees, could make a living by providing help.

Perhaps we could help? – email us at One thing is certain – any help we could provide wouldn’t ever cost you a cent, and your identity need never be disclosed in any way.

And another thing that’s certain – at present the Berejiklian Government is a million miles away from taking any notice of anything we’ve set out above.

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