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If you do a GMX search, (we prefer doing GMX searches to doing Google searches,) on “stopping your blood pressure from being too high,” as we have just done, well over 200 results will come up in which probably more than 150 websites are mentioned which purport to provide information on this subject, many of them produced by highly prestigious organisations. This is an example:-

(This particular subject, of course, has two very different parts to it – stopping your blood pressure from getting too high by natural means, and stopping your blood pressure from getting too high with medication.)

Do you ever feel, “Oh no! Do I really have to study 150 websites to get the answer to my questions on medical matters? I wish there was an ordinary email address I could use to ask my questions and when I used it to send a question, I’d get back an A4 sized page summary of what’s on the world wide web, (I wouldn’t care how many links there were in it, as in Wikipedia articles,) even if I had to pay for it.”

Of course, the theory is that this is more or less what happens when you consult a GP, but in our experience what happens in practice is a million miles away from this theory. Perhaps the biggest problem is that you never get anything in writing – in Australia, at least, it’s very difficult to find a GP who has an ordinary email address, let alone one who has one and who uses it to respond to questions. Even those who work in practices that have ordinary email addresses seldom respond to emails sent to them. And if you never get anything in writing, it’s very difficult to get second opinions on things, to establish what often seems to be the case – that what you’ve been told is rubbish.

The irony is that it often appears that those who need such a service are doctors.

Do any of our readers know of anyone who provides such a service? We’d be SO grateful, if, if you do, you could let us and our readers know.

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