Specialists – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We’ve done hours and hours of work, so far, on a web page designed to help those in Sydney, Australia, who have, or may suspect they have, polycystic ovarian syndrome. It’s designed for those who believe, as we do, that the specialists most likely to be the best to see and use are those with ordinary email addresses who provide reasonable responses to reasonable emails sent to them.

So far, we’ve put together a list of 24 Sydney Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, with ordinary email addresses, to whom we’ve sent this letter in an email.

(You can view this list by clicking on this link.)

So far we’ve got 10 replies, 2 advising that helping those with polycystic ovarian syndrome is not within their areas of expertise, and 8 others advising that they may be able to help.

Hopefully, after you’ve carried out such further research as you may feel advisable on those who’ve provided replies, you will come up with the names of 3 specialists who you feel and who you find are at least worth having first consultations with.

Once you’ve got the ordinary email addresses, less than an hour’s work could save you from so much heart ache and perhaps disaster – and we speak from bitter experience, after falling into the hands of a surgeon who has damaged us for life, who has probably never responded to an email in his life.

Note: Of course you can use this list of 24 ordinary email addresses to help you locate Sydney Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who may be able to help you with problems other than polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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