Seeking treatment for irregular heartbeat or Arrhythmia 1


Arrhythmia is a quite separate matter to possibly up to 98% of the problems you can experience with your heart and circulatory system, (feedback from readers would be appreciated on this?) – for instance, the muscles and valves in your heart can be in great shape, but you can still be experiencing Arrhythmia, (one of our readers has found himself in this position,) which may or may not be serious. So if you are experiencing Arrhythmia, you are looking for someone who knows everything there is to know about Arrhythmia irrespective of what they may or may not know about other heart and circulatory system matters.

As we’re always saying, “The secret to success in our personal and work lives, is to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts in the whole wide world,” something which the internet is increasingly making possible, and, in no area of our lives is this more important than in looking after our health and well being.

With this in mind, we’ve started putting together one of our lists – on Sydney Cardiologists who specialise in providing help with Arrhythmia, WITH ordinary email addresses.

Use this link to view what we’ve come up with so far.

To be honest we’ve found it more difficult than we thought.

To us, in an ideal world, there would lists like this for every possible medical specialty, and in every location in the whole wide world. Perhaps there are more than we think? If any of our readers know of any, we would be so grateful if we could be provided with their details so they could be shared with our other readers.

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