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RateMDs is an organisation based in Toronto, Canada, which produces this website, on which it claims there are more than “two million reviews” on doctors world wide. In some ways we are fairly cynical about the ratings on their website, in fact any such ratings, and we often don’t take that much notice of them.

Having said this.

Firstly, often the only thing you can do after having a bad experience with a doctor is to provide a rating on them on this website, with the NSW Health Care Commission and so on performing so horribly.

Secondly, doctors are usually much better off financially than their patients if defamation proceedings could be involved.

Thirdly, for those who decide to use a doctor when 3 out of 6 of the ratings on him are like those shown below, it would seem like madness for them not to be prepared for the possibility that the good ratings are not as genuine as the bad ones, and for them not to be grateful for being warned of this possibility.

There are so many doctors with ratings like this.

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