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Further to our previous posts on this organisation, our practice ourselves these days is that, if we are considering consulting a certain doctor, (or other health professional,) we do a Google search on the doctor’s name with “ratemds” added to it e.g. “Dr ABCDEF ratemds,” and if any ratings come up, peruse them fairly quickly. We tend to not take much notice of positive ratings, but if there are more than a very few poor ones which the doctor has not made any attempt to respond to, which this organisation allows, it can be of considerable concern.

Of course, their website can be used in a different way. We can do a search on it on, say, “sydney cardiologists,” and doctors’ names may come up listed in order of their ratings.

Of course, if a doctors’s name comes up with 10 10 out of 10 ratings, even 5 10 out of 10 ratings, even 3, that can be a good start – but it’s only the beginning of our research.

We then search to see if any such doctors have an ordinary email address – all things being equal, if they don’t, we just keep looking. If they do, we use it to send them an email outlining the areas in which we need help, and asking something like whether helping people with these problems are “within their areas of expertise.” If we don’t get a reasonable reply to such an email, again we keep looking. We consistently find that if doctors pass all these “tests” that the chances are very high that they will be good to deal with.

Of course, providing reasonable responses to peoples’ emails can be a bother and an expense, but we believe there’s no better way for people and organisations to market themselves, and it seems that obviously not many people realise this. If you ever started getting half decent responses to your emails from a politician, wouldn’t you vote for them your whole life.

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