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Some years ago, the organisation based in Toronto, Canada, which is behind the RateMDs.com website, was taken over by a new organisation.

Before that takeover, health care providers could provide responses to ratings on them on the site, but after the takeover, this seemed to be no longer the case – something which we regarded, at the time, as a very bad step backwards. But now it seems that this is the case again – see this example.

We regard the fact that this seems to be the case again as EXTREMELY significant, for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s obviously a much fairer system this way, health care professionals have much less reason to complain about the site. But secondly, it seems that we can take much more notice of poor ratings if there has been no attempts to respond to them, and perhaps much less notice of them if there has been good responses.

Query: Is this how it is with Google ratings?

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