Ramsay Health Care – dealing with 1a

Over the nearly 10 years we’ve been working on stuff like this, we’ve come to totally despise Ramsay Health Care.

(Although perhaps they’re just doing their job – doing everything you and I let them get away with in the interest of making more money for them and their shareholders. Perhaps it’s all our fault. Perhaps what’s got to change most is not them but us.)

Further to this post, we sent them this today?

Our guess is that the person getting this wouldn’t even know what we’re talking about, won’t be making any efforts to find out, and that we could wait a million years and still wouldn’t get an answer. (If we’re wrong, we’ll let you know.)

Ramsay is a world wide multibillion company – if the person who gets this doesn’t know what we’re talking about, if anyone knows of anyone in the whole wide world who could help them, it should be them.

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