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According to this Wikipedia article, Ramsay Health Care operates over 220 hospitals and day surgery facilities world wide, and is one of the top 5 private hospital operators in the world.

So does this make it a good organisation to deal with? On the contrary, we’ve never found this to be the case.

So does this mean the people who run it are better quality people? On the contrary it seems to us that the people at the top at Ramsay have been chosen first for their ability to use the company’s size and power to come down “like a ton of bricks” on anyone who complains about anything, least of all for their ability to help anyone who has had problems in dealing with their organisation.

Over the years we’ve worked with 3 readers, one in particular, who’ve had problems in dealing with Ramsay, whose conduct has been nothing short of disgraceful, often resorting to sarcasm about their complaints. And we feel we have learnt a little about how to deal with their like, to make them a bit more accountable

Some years ago, we read that someone had once said, “Whatever technology enables, happens.” And it has occurred to us that what technology enables is for organisations to be set up made up with people who are experts in helping people deal with organisations even as big as Ramsay, which gradually develop the size, expertise and profiles to be more and more helpful, and that such organisations WILL HAPPEN.

And the names for such organisations? “Ramsay health Care – dealing with,” or “ABCD – dealing with,” and so on.

So, if you’ve had any problems in dealing with Ramsay, send us the details. Who knows, we might be starting something, even with our very limited resources.

Email us at mail@medicalquestionsandanswers.net

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