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When a compliant was made to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about a Dr XXX, Cardiologist, that there was a problem about certain advice he’d given to a patient in a face-to-face consultation, and that when he’d been emailed seeking his further advices, he hadn’t responded, that, amongst other things, the officer in charge of the matter in the HCCC, a Ms AAA, had told the complainant that he had used the wrong email address, that he should have used one which was available from AHPRA, and that when the complainant had emailed AHPRA they had replied that they didn’t have an email address for Dr XXX, and that they didn’t know what Ms AAA was talking about!!!

AND, when the complainant had complained about this to Ms AAA, she didn’t even acknowledge his email, let alone provide any response!!!

AND, when the complainant had complained about this to Commissioner Dawson, she didn’t even acknowledge his email, let alone provide any response!!!

So, it seems clear that Ms AAA didn’t feel accountable to the complainant for her misleading rubbish, and, perhaps just as importantly, didn’t feel accountable for her misleading rubbish to her “boss,” Commissioner Dawson – presumably because she felt/knew that Ms Dawson wouldn’t care?

And, Commissioner Dawson, didn’t, and doesn’t, feel accountable for the conduct of one of her officers, either to the complainant, AND, as it’s starting to seem, to ANYBODY???

To us it raises two obvious questions:-

Firstly, is Ms Dawson the best person to fill her role, when it appears she doesn’t feel accountable to us the people, and, in fact is anybody. To us any person suitable to fill her role would be providing responses to the issues we’ve raised.

And secondly, who is continuing to make the “people decision” that she is?

From the following, it appears it may be the Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard?

We have recently written to Geoff Lee, a NSW MP, raising concerns about the performance of Ms Dawson, and he has replied telling us that he has relayed our concerns on to Minister Hazzard, but adding, “Please be advised that a response my take several weeks to complete.”

And we’ve also recently written to Premier Berejiklian, raising the same concerns and got this response:-

But, in our experience, at we’ve set out in this post, Minister Hazzard is completely useless.

So who has made the “people decision” that Minister Hazzard is the person to make the “people decision” that Ms Dawson is the best person to fill her role.

This, while, under Ms Dawson, NSW health care professionals, particularly doctors, know that they can get away with anything, because 98% of the complaints about them made to Ms Dawson are eventually told they have nothing to complain about, which to us, is an insult to the NSW PEOPLE – and many of them are getting away with ANYTHING!.

And if Premier Berejiklian has in any sense made the “people decision” about Minister Hazzard, who has decided that she is the best person to fill her role? – the answer of course, is us, you and me, the people of New South Wales.

We await developments.

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