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One of the things we’re always interested in, obviously, is getting technical help to make our blogs and websites better.

In this respect, we seem to be getting more and more emails from organisations mainly based in India, probably 5..6 a month, claiming to be SEO experts, offering their services, which you would think may have been of interest. But we’ve found them to be of no use. What they’re about, invariably, is trying to get us to sign up for one of their one or two hundred dollar per month packages.

We used to reply to them with emails saying that what we were interested in was access to technology experts who could help us with our technology problems as they came up, help for which we were prepared to pay well – but our replies weren’t even acknowledged. So we don’t bother any more. But the emails keep coming – we’ve actually got two today already, and the day isn’t half over!

If any of our readers know of people and/or organisations who provide what we’re interested in, we would be most grateful if they could let us have their details.

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