Organisations in which the people in their top management care

Easily the main reason for only dealing with organisations whose people have ordinary email addresses, is that it indicates that the people in the organisation’s top management care about how people are getting on in dealing with it.

One of our readers claims that, some years ago, one of the doctors in the Westmead Government hospital gave him advice that he believed, and still believes, was rubbish, and that if the doctor had had an ordinary email address, he could have emailed him an email complaining, and that any response, or the fact that he hadn’t responded, could have been passed on to the people in the hospital’s top management for them to do something about it, if they wished.

Of course, none of this would have done any good if the people in the hospital’s top management hadn’t given indications that they cared, but at least that would have given warning to steer clear of the hospital. There can be nothing worse than dealing with organisations in which the people in their top management don’t care, of which there are many, perhaps most!!

Related to this, one of our readers, who was a patient in the hospital some three weeks ago has provided us with this feedback.

We’ve just, on 17 June 2020, used the hospital’s ordinary email address – – to send the people there a copy of this feedback, with a copy to Health Minister Hazzard. We’ll let you know if we get any responses.

It would be so great if we got a response along the lines of – “Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to provide us with this feedback – we’ll look into it.”

The quality of any responses we get, or, if in fact, we don’t get any responses at all, will tell us a great deal about the hospital, the minister, and, in fact, NSW Health, in general.

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