Dr Kerrie Meades Ophthalmologist at Parramatta and various locations – dealing with 1

If you decide to use Dr Meades, don’t expect to ever get a copy of your health records – Dr Meades has a track record of treating the law in this respect as a joke and doesn’t even acknowledge requests for copies of same.

For some of Dr Meades’s basic details and those of other Sydney Ophthalmologists, use this link.

A 1 Dec 2014 update: Dr Meades continues to ignore three emails sent to her over the last 5-6 weeks about getting copies of the health records from a consultation with one of her patients. At the same time, the health records from a consultation with one of the other Personal Eyes doctors at about the same time were readily provided – at a cost of $50, $50 to photo copy 5 pages???  Other Ophthalmologists in Parramatta don’t charge anything for making copies!

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