NSW Health – dealing with

If you use this link, you are taken to a list of NSW Health’s Health Organisations, more than 200 of them.

One would tend to think – “How thoughtful of NSW Health, how efficient, no doubt including ordinary email addresses and other useful information – so typical of the Berejiklian Government!

EXCEPT!!! Oops!!! The list was last updated in the last Century, on 18th Dec 1998.

Were ordinary email addresses even thought of in 1998?

And if you click on any of the entries, you are taken to this.

It’s hard not to be sarcastic isn’t it, readers?

And if Premier Berejiklian and/or Health Minister Hazzard were ever made aware of this, no doubt, there would be no attempt to bring the list up-to-date – the list would just be taken down.

Mind you, from our experience with Ryan Park, MP, the Shadow Minister for Health, if an email was sent to him asking whether he would bring this list up-to-date if he ever became the Minister for Health, the email wouldn’t be even acknowledged, let alone replied to.

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