Mrs Jillian Skinner, NSW Minister for Health 1

An email we’ve just sent Ms Skinner, (on 13 Mar 2015.)

For a version in which the printing is larger and perhaps easier to read – use this link.

1227 copy

1228 copy

We don’t expect she’ll ever reply, even if she continues being the Minister for Health after the NSW election in 15 days time, on 28 Mar 2015. We’ll let you know if we turn out to be wrong.

A 7 Apr 2015 update: We were wrong! We did get a reply – what’s more, in only 14 days, perhaps because the election was coming up in 15 days. As you can see, after providing certain information, it tells us that if we need further information we can email a Mark Longworth – and because the information provided was so far short of what we were looking for, we emailed Mark Longworth straight away, and 11 days later, he hasn’t even acknowledged our email!

Such typical Baird Government stuff!

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