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We’ve been working on helping ourselves and others find good doctors and avoid those who are not so good for nearly ten years now. Before that we worked on doing similar things with lawyers for nearly as long, and, in fact, we’ve been working on this sort of thing, obsessed by it, for more than 40 years – since 1976.

As a result, as you can imagine, we could give our readers the names of a few doctors who we’ve concluded are good and the names of many more, perhaps hundreds, who we’ve concluded are not so good – WE COULD, BUT WE CAN’T!


One of the many things we’ve learnt is that if we, or anyone else for that matter, starts being involved in the business of giving out any names of doctors, of those they consider to be not so good, for instance, the THUGS in the medical profession, of whom there are a few, will make threats against them that will scare them out of their wits, particularly that doctors will start refusing to provide any services to them and their families. Scary stuff! It’s happened to us.

So that’s the bad news – all of us as individuals have to try and work out for ourselves which doctors may be good, and which ones may be not so good. The help that we or anyone else can give to others on this sort of stuff is quite limited.

But the good news is that the developments in communication technology over the last 25 years or so have made this task considerably easier, almost certainly easier than they have ever been. We intend setting out in a further post some of the ways in which this modern communication technology can best be used.

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