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A description of some experiences put together in association with one of our readers.


As a male in my 70s, I had been seeing Cardiologist AAA for more than 6 years and, basically, h always gave me good reports on my heart.

But, late in October 2015, I started experiencing something that I’d never experienced before – my pulse rate started being more than 130 more than 30% of the time, which had me greatly concerned.

As it turned out, my annual check-up by Cardiologist AAA was due on the 10 Nov 2015, and his reaction was simple – “Off you go and get a pacemaker,” and referred me to Cardiologist BBB, obviously one of his mates.

(Cardiologist AAA reported to my GP that we’d had a good discussion about pacemakers, which wasn’t true in the slightest.)

Also, as it turned out, my high pulse rates stopped before I saw Cardiologist BBB about 10 days later, although he insisted that a pacemaker was still needed. But they started again on 21 Jan 2016, and showed no signs of going away over the next two and a half months.

Having recently had a very bad experience with another surgeon in another area, I was reluctant to have a pacemaker inserted until I got further opinions – I got opinions from four other Cardiologists and they ALL said that a pacemaker was not the way to go!!!!

And, on 5 May 2016, one of them suggested that I start taking a certain medication, and to me, it’s effect has been nothing short miraculous. Within 5 to 6 weeks my pulse rate was back to normal, and it’s been back to normal ever since, except on two days, for a few hours, and on each occasion it seemed to relate to the fact that I’d been a bit slack in taking the medication, and as soon as I started taking the medication normally again, my pulse rate was back to normal within a few hours.


To find the name of this medication, use this link – it will only take a few seconds.

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