The aim of those at MQIMQI is to be intermediaries, helping our readers to get the best possible answers to their questions about medical matters, in particular, questions on how to manage their medical problems , and to locate the best possible experts on medical matters. We may be able to answer questions ourselves, although this is not very likely, OR, we may be able to direct you to health practitioners who we have found to have a good track record in answering questions such as yours, OR, we may be able to direct you to information on the net that seems to answer your questions, OR, other readers may email us with answers, OR, we may be able to direct you to other intermediaries like ourselves.

Just email us – we’ll let you know as soon as we can whether we may be able to help you or not, at no charge.

Our aim is to help our readers and ourselves to be surrounded by the  best possible information on health matters and the best possible experts.

Email us at

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