Interfacing with the Medical Profession 1

One of our readers has reported that, after seeing a Urologist recently, he sent him a letter by email saying this, two days later.1338 copyWithin a few hours, he got this back by email – “You have understood my explanation correctly.”

This is what it’s like dealing with SOME NSW doctors. We usually say it’s 1 in 6 – perhaps it’s 1 in 20.

In complete and utter contrast, when we asked one of the doctors at the Emerald Medical Centre, Lane Cove how our readers would go about getting copies of their “health records and information,” as defined in the Health Records & Information Act 2002, if they became patients of their’s, this is what we got  back.1339 copy

Two things are absolutely for certain.

Firstly, it’s all up to us, it’s in our hands.

Secondly, while there are enough people, enough of you and me, putting up with rubbish like this, people like the people at this medical centre are never going to change.

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