Hopeless “people decisions” being made within the Berejiklian Government 1

On 9 July, 2020, this letter was emailed to the Fairfield Government hospital, using the email form on it’s website – https://www.swslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/fairfield/.

It hasn’t even been acknowledged, let alone responded to. Over the years, since Nov. 2014, when the incident referred to occurred, we’ve sent at least 4 or 5 similar letters using this email form and the ordinary email address, fairfield.hospital@sswahs.nsw.gov.au, and not one of them has even been acknowledged, let alone responded to.

It would seem that, with the way the hospital was managed at the time, everything else had higher priority than helping a couple deliver their baby, and one question would be – has anyone ever been held accountable for this? We can imagine that people have been sent to gaol for less than this.

But, we’ve always thought that a more important question has been – has anything changed? can couples who go to the hospital these days for help in having a baby, be assured that they won’t end up having to try to deliver the baby themselves, without any help?

But we’ve recently come to realise that an even more important question is, does the present CEO of the hospital, whoever he or she is, do their level best to make sure the hospital is managed in such a way that making sure that couples coming to the hospital for help in having a baby will always get it is one of the highest priorities, and claim that they do so? And if not, (we already know they don’t believe in responding to emails like ours,) how is it that he or she continues being the hospital’s CEO?

It’s said that the control of an organisation, of a Government, is it’s “people decisions.” In other words the best organisations, the best Governments, make the best “people decisions.” And it’s becoming more and more clear that, under the Berejiklian Government, some “people decisions” are being made that are nothing short of shocking – perhaps none more so than than that the present CEO of it’s Fairfield hospital should, in view of the above, continue holding his or her position – perhaps have been appointed to this position in the first place?

Who makes the decisions about who are to be the Berejiklian government’s hospital’s CEOs? And who made the decision that this person was the best person to make these decisions? It’s hard to believe that Premier Berejiklian isn’t the most important person in making the “people decisions” involved in running her government?

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