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Further to previous posts on this matter, we have no doubt that there will start to be people who earn their livings by advising people what’s on the health and medical information/opinion websites on the world wide web.

In other words, they will earn their livings, not by sharing their own knowledge, but by their knowledge of what’s on the world wide web, (which they gather from lots and lots of study,) and their ability to direct people to it.

They will not necessarily have any medical qualifications or training, although having these will do no harm, they will just be intelligent people who can write, who derive their legitimacy in a different way.

But they will charge for their help. Obviously, anyone engaged in this sort of thing has to be remunerated, which happens for those working on the information/opinion websites in all sorts of other ways, advertising presumably being the main one, and, in this context, providing help to locate stuff for no charge is not viable – amongst other things, they obviously want you to spend as much time trawling through their websites as possible. But the people we’re talking about would have no agendas other than to provide as much help as possible as quickly and easily as possible for their fees. The people behind the existing websites would have to charge similarly if they provided the services these people do – but they don’t.

Perhaps such people, with their ordinary email addresses, exist already? We’d be SO grateful if any of our readers know of any and could let us have their details.

We sure that, without too much trouble, we could think of a dozen questions on which we need help. But even after we’ve done GMX searches, we think, “Oh dear, all that research we have to do,” and we never get around to doing it.

Of course the market would determine how much such people would or could charge. It would be interesting to find out how much you would get for $150 and how much time and effort you would feel you’d been saved.

P.S: This almost makes us laugh. We drink a lot of an Aldi product called, “Alcafe Chai Latte,” which we’ve always thought was coffee. But recently we happened to look at the ingredients information on the side of the pack and found, to our astonishment, that there was no coffee in it, just black tea. So we did a GMX search on, “Is black tea as bad for you as coffee?” and this is the first result that came up – what appears to be a superb article on the subject. Our dream is of a world in which it’s always so easy to get such great answers to our questions – even if often we have to pay for them, which is not the case on this occasion.

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