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More than 40 years ago, a relatively young GP told us something that surprised us – that, in his opinion, he was at his peak when he’d been a doctor for 3 years. At that point he had 3 years of experience, but after that, what he’d learnt at Med School would start to be out of date. So soon?

On the face of it, there are lots of Medical Information websites on the world wide web these days that would make it easy for doctors to keep right up to date, (as well as providing the public with information,) – but are they working?

What got us thinking was an experience told to us by one of our readers – he’d had some tests done on his throat, and included in the results was, “Fatty liver noted.” So he saw his GP, and he wasn’t helpful at all – just bemoaned the fact that, “So many of my patient have fatty livers.” So he saw him again a few days later, when he tried to be more insistent, asking him if there were any tests that could be done to determine how fatty his liver was, and he was still just as unhelpful. It was clear that this GP, at least, wasn’t up to date on fatty livers at all.

To us, this could be of great concern – something we’re looking into.

As part of this, we’ve started putting together a list of these Medical Information websites, with the means of contacting them – you can see this list, still in it’s very early stages, by using this link.

We anticipate getting 100 names on this list fairly quickly quite easily.

Perhaps such a list exists on the world wide web already. If any of our readers knows of one, could they please let us know,

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