Miscellaneous Comments 02

One of our readers has told us about this, which we’re still thinking about.

She wanted to try out a certain specialist, which, for various reasons she didn’t go into, she didn’t want to be referred to by her usual GP, and she didn’t want to go to another GP just to get a referral. So she saw the specialist without a referral. The specialist took this in her stride, and the only drawback was that she couldn’t claim about 70 dollars back from Medicare for her initial consultation.

But there was an unforeseen perhaps quite important benefit. When the specialist said her, “So who do I send my letter to about this?” she said, “Me.” And that’s exactly what happened, the letter was sent to her, by email – which meant she was saved the time and trouble of going to a GP to get the outcome of the consultation, she got it quicker, she didn’t have to pay any fees to a GP, (which many GPs charge,) to get a copy of her “health records,” and, if on the basis of her consultation and the letter she got, she decided she wished to continue to consult and/or use that particular specialist, she could always get her regular GP to refer her to her.

As we said, we’re still thinking about this – but there  may not be too much to think about.

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