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There are starting to be more and more organisations with websites that purport to help us find medical specialists, like RateMDs, Health Engine, Search 1 and 1, Yelp, etc. etc. – in fact, we’ve started putting together a list of such organisations which you can view by using   this link.

In putting together this list, (in which we are only in the early stages of doing,) we’ve come across one with which we are most impressed.

Most of them hardly ever provide the ordinary email addresses of the specialists they list, which is what we always want, but does, almost invariably! And it helps you find the specialists within a certain distance of any postcode you nominate quite easily. And it seems to cover the whole of Australia.

The only problem, and it’s a big one, is that it only covers Erectile Disfunction specialists.

We can hardly wait until there are similar websites covering other specialists. Perhaps there are already? If any of our readers know of any, we would be most grateful if they could share the details with us and our readers.

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