Finding the best medical specialists to deal with 3

Further to this post.

We now have the names of 25 Sydney Cardiologists with ordinary email addresses on our list, and we intend to keep adding more.

As mentioned in our previous post, in our experience, if you send the same email to a group like this along the lines we’ve suggested, you will find that it’s not too hard to decide on the 1 or 2 who it may be the best for you to consult, from the replies or lack of replies you get.

Of course, there’s lots of other research you could and perhaps should carry out apart from this, but, as we’re always saying – why should you deal with Cardiologists, Doctors or, in fact, anyone, who won’t provide reasonable responses to your reasonable emails, when there are others who will. It can make SUCH a difference in SO many situations.

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