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A GP once told us, “When I’d been a doctor for three years I was at my peak – at that stage I had had three years of experience, but after that, what I’d learnt at Med School would have started to be out of date,” – and that would have been 50 years ago.

How much more would this be so these days, with new advances in medicine being made almost every day all around the world. But what’s different these days, and to us this is miraculous, is that all that this GP could ever possibly want know to keep right up-to-date is always on the Wold Wide Web, already, readily available to all, at any time. Except there’s a problem – how can anyone, even doctors, keep up-to-date with what’s on the World Wide Web, and, in particular, how can one differentiate between the very best information, and information which is not the very best.

We believe that intermediaries, (hopefully someone will come up with a better word one day,) are needed – people who spend their time, earn their livings, by being experts on what’s on the World Wide Web on various medical topics and responding to people’s emails in relation to same. Such people may have formal medical qualifications, but they may not – they may just be intelligent people who are good communicators, they may even be University Professors in other fields, or retired doctors etc etc.who have chosen to spend their time researching and researching.

Of course,  they would have to charge for their assistance, as they would have no other sources of income – not like the Dr Joseph Mercolas of this world who derive their revenue from adversing, selling things and every other trick in the book, while getting severely criticised by organisations like quackwatch for the quality of the information they provide.

What these intermediaries came up with wouldn’t have to be the very latest and the very best, although that would always be the aim – they would just have to be people who developed reputations for providing value for money emails that saved the valuable time of people like you and us which would be involved in us carrying out research ourselves.

We are always saying, “The secret to success in our work and personal lives is to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts in the whole wide world,” and people like these would help us to surround ourselves with the very best information.

Do any of our readers know of such people? If they do, could they please, please, please provide us with details so we could share them with our other readers.

And perhaps there are readers out there who may be interested in becoming an intermediary – if so, we’d be more than happy to provide any help, encouragement and support we could.

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