You will probably have to read this post on Dr Van Gelder which we put up earlier today to make sense of this one.

Dr XXXX came with the recommendation of another doctor, highly credentialed, but this didn’t mean that some further checking wasn’t going to be carried out.

When you clicked on “Contact” on Dr XXXX’s website this is what came up – which is probably the same as indicating, in big red letters, “All you’re ever going to get from us is a phone call.”

Nevertheless, it was used to send exactly the same letter to Dr XXXX as had been sent to Dr Van Gelder – BUT the correct phone number was deliberately not supplied!

In due course, this response was received:-

In complete contrast to the response from Dr Van Gelder and his PA, no indication that this letter was ever going to get through to Dr XXXX, no indication as to whether, in Dr XXXX’s opinion, helping people with the problems described was within his areas of expertise, just a “You can make an appointment to see Dr XXXX if you like.”

Why would you bother? when there are Dr Van Gelders out there?

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