Dr Mitchell Kim Cosmetic Surgeon Cosmos Clinic 2

Oh no !!!??? A 2 out of 10 rating on Dr Kim on the RateMDs.com website??? (RateMDs doesn’t allow ratings below 2 out of 10.) On the Cosmic Clinic’s new glamour boy??? After 14 10 out of 10 ratings in a row??? And it’s “knocked him off” from being No. 1 in their “Cosmetic Surgeon/ Plastic Surgeon” in New South Wales??? Dr Ajaka, the supremo at Cosmos Clinic, won’t be pleased.

Still don’t worry – the 10 out of 10 ratings on him will no doubt start pouring in again , and he’ll soon be No. 1 again.

However, our requests to Dr Kim for him to elaborate on his qualifications, going back to the 13 Apr 2015 have not been responded to.

A 1 May 2015 Update: Well Dr Ajaka has come up with an even better solution – the person who put up a 2 out of 10 rating on Dr Kim has been “persuaded” to take his or her taking down again, and/or RateMDs has been “persuaded” to take the rating down anyway. So Dr Kim is back to No. 1. You’re a genius Dr Ajaka!

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