Dr Michael John Forster Hunter ENT Surgeon

  1. Dr Hunter has 17 ratings on the RateMDs.com website, in 13 of which he gets the lowest possible ratings for “Helpfulness,” none of which he’s responded to, something he could easily do.
  2. He’s already been officially reprimanded once for various aspects of his dealings with a patient, and certain restrictions have been put on to his practice.
  3. According to his entry on AHPRA’s Registers of Practitioners he would be 77 years old if he was 23 when he got his Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery qualification, which is about the usual age.
  4. He doesn’t appear to have an ordinary email address or email form.

Rather off-putting stuff one would have thought – yet he still seems to have a busy practice!!!

It would be easy to ask, “How does this sort of thing happen?”

But there’s an obvious answer. People are not going to the internet and taking the 4 or 5 minutes it takes to put together the information we’ve set out above, before they start using doctors. Readers, it’s never going to get any easier to do this sort of “homework.”

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