Dr Jassim Daood Breast Augmentation Surgeon??????

We  almost can’t believe this, but then nothing really surprises us about the NSW Medical Care System in New South Wales these days.

Dr Daood is “one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted cosmetic surgeon specialists,”  according to this extract from his very own website,  who has practiced all over the world for “almost 27 years.”


No only that, but he’s a fellow of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in the UK, (we’d love to check this with the College ourselves, but haven’t got time,) and “a truly trusted professional,” one of Australia’s leading surgeons, specialising in Breast Augmentation, Breast lift, Breast Reductions, Hair Transplant as well as all other cosmetic procedures.” (We’re not sure how one can specialise in everything.)

The only problem with all this is that appears that for many years, at least up until 2012, he specialised in the detoxification of drug addicts at the notorious Psych ‘n’ Soul clinic, who only 16 days ago, on 16 Feb 2015, was mentioned most unfavourably in a Media Release by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, for his activities there.

(According to AHPRA’s Registers of Practitioners there is only one “Dr Daood” in the whole of Australia, let alone only one “Dr Jassim Daood” – so it’s most unlikely there’s been any confusion as to identity.)

Perhaps those thinking of using Dr Daood for anything to do with cosmetic surgery would be well advised to look into all this further – we’ve got too many other better things to do with our time!

A 9 Mar 2015 update: We’ve changed our minds – we’ve spent about 30 minutes checking on the websites of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinborough, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, (not “Surgeons” as Dr Daood claims on his website as shown above,) and the name “Daood” doesn’t appear on either of them. As for European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, (not “Surgeons” as Dr Daood claims on his website as shown above,) if they have a website, Google and the Safari browser can’t find one that works!!!

Because it’s our policy to let anyone we write about tell “their side of the story,” we sent Dr Daood this email on 9 Mar 2015. We’ll let you know if he responds.

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