Dr Eddy Dona Breast Augmentation Surgeon Parramatta & Bondi Junction

In a previous post, dated  30 Jan 2015, we referred to a Sydney Morning Herald article in which it was reported that a 20 year old had “died” while having breast augmentation surgery in one of Dr Dona’s centres, (grandly called “Institutes”) – her heart had stopped and she was only brought back to life when the ambulance service was called.

It would be interesting to know how many many others have “died” in Australia in the last 50 years while having breast augmentation surgery – we would suspect none.

We have always thought that those considering consulting and using Dr Dona and his underlings for breast augmentation surgery deserved a better response to and or explanation about this poor girl’s experience than has so far been provided. All that’s been provided so far, as far as we are aware,  is some comments attributed to Dr Dona’s managing director in the SMH articles, which seem to amount to it just being “one of those things” and that perhaps the patient was largely to blame for reacting badly to the anaesthetics.

Incidentally, no details seem to be available  on the anaesthetist involved to enable anyone to check on his or her qualifications – perhaps because they didn’t have many or any?

We would certainly suggest that anyone thinking of consulting and/or using Dr Dona or any of his underlings should email Dr Dona in case we’re wrong about there being no proper response to and/or explanation in relation to the 20 year old’s extremely bad experience. You might get on better that we have, having sent him a couple of emails about this and got no response – but we suspect Dr Dona has never responded to an email in his life.

It’s interesting that with the ratings on Dr Dona there is the normal mixture that you get with such people – either very good or very bad, “avoid at all costs” or “perhaps the greatest doctor that’s ever lived.” To us, that’s always a worry.

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