Dr Colin Moore Breast Augmentation Surgeon Neutral Bay

Can you imagine anything worse than seeing a doctor specialising in surgery, when, because of the way he’s treated one of his patients, he’s been ordered to complete an educational course in “Comprehensive Wound Care,” i.e. to go back to Med School?

Such a doctor is Dr Colin Moore – see this Media Release from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission dated 12 Mar 2014.

(Note: The the HCCC claims it acted on a complaint dated 8 May 2013, when the incompetent conduct complained about happened in July 2008. In other words, it was nearly 5 years before anyone complained??? Do they think we’re stupid??? Perhaps we are!!!

Typical HCCC stuff.)

Any one thinking of consulting and/or using Dr Moore would be well advised to do lots of research – there’s lots of stuff out there to consider.

We’re not sure he passes the “squeaky clean” test.

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