Count per Day – the plugin

At least 2 or 3 years ago we installed this plugin on this blog, and we would have installed it on other blogs, but it’s no longer available – we don’t know why?

Perhaps there are computer expert readers who could explain why? and what implications, if any, there may be of this fact?

One of the things that fascinates us is that these entries like this now appear under “Visitors per post.”

So, according to Count per Day, more than 3,000 visitors to each of just 2 of our posts, yet despite our trying to put our ordinary email address – – all over the place, we’re virtually getting no responses, no comments, no feedback, nothing, (other than junk emails.) Not much encouragement for what we’re trying to do – to help us all to be more informed and discerning in seeking help in dealing with our medical problems.

What is going on?

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