Choosing a Sydney Neurosurgeon or Neurologist 01

We have started creating a list for those of us who believe that the best Neurosurgeons and Neurologsts (or any other health care professionals for that matter,) for us to at least have an initial consultation with, are likely to be those, who, if we send them a letter by email outlining a medical problem as we can best describe it, asking whether helping people with this problem is one of their areas of expertise, and hoping for a yes or no answer, come back to us with the most satisfactory responses.

We feel that if anyone consults a doctor without having it in writing from them that helping people with their problem or problems are within their areas of expertise, they have only themselves to blame if things don’t turn out well, even if GPs or other doctors have recommended them – if it turns out that the doctor WASN’T an expert in dealing with their problem or problems after all.

One of our readers has recently told us that his GP gave him the names of two specialists he could recommend him to about a problem he had which he described as “very serious,” perhaps a “life and death” matter – and when he emailed them himself, Specialist 1 told him it wasn’t within her areas of expertise, and Specialist 2 told him the problem wasn’t serious at all, and not to worry about it. How much time, effort and money did those two emails save our reader?

To go to our list, use this link.

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