Choosing a Sydney Neurosurgeon or Neurologist 2

One of the things we’ve learnt in the short time we’ve been working on this subject is how much we’ve underestimated the extent to which there is a quite incredible array of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and related Specialists offering services out there.

This is a paragraph out of an article we’ve just read, related to this:-

If these things are true of Oncology and medical information generally, it’s almost certainly just as much the case with Neurology, Neurosurgery and related fields.

It’s just as well we’ve got emails to help us sort out who’s good at what. It only takes a few seconds for us to send an email to a Specialist asking if helping us with any problems we’ve got is within their areas of expertise, and it only takes a few seconds for them to provide us with a yes or no answer – if they don’t know, we’re not sure who would.

We’re not sure how GPs can be expected to keep with who’s good at what, let alone who’s the best at what?

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