Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery 1

This College was established only as recently as in 1999. It has a website, on which this is part:-

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Were not sure what “Board of Censors” means, but being on it must be something of prestige because Dr Darryl Hodgkinson claims on his website, apparently as one of the reasons we should consult and use him, that he “is a past President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and currently on their Board of Censors.”

Also on that Board, as you can see, is Dr Colin Moore, and, according to a media release from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission over a year ago, on 12 March 2014,  Dr Moore, because of the way in which he had treated one of his patients, was reprimanded and ordered to go back to Med School and “complete an educational course on Comprehensive Wound Care.” (Can you imagine anything more off-putting in anyone you were considering consulting and/or using.) You can read the details of Dr Moore’s conduct yourself in the decision of the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical council of NSW by using this link. (They never provide a direct link.)

The details of Patient A’s story come over as quite horrendous. As you can see, from this extract from the decision, after various experiences with Dr Moore she was taken by ambulance to the Nepean hospital and was only released 13 days later after 4 operations!!!!

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And Dr John Flynn, shown as the Chief Censor, has a number of the worst ratings you could ever see on the website of RateMDs – an organisation based in Canada in which we have no interest and have no control over. We’d take this up with Dr Flynn, except he doesn’t seem to have an email address or email form on his website.

One of the things this College claims it is about it is “Protecting Patients.” It’s hard to imagine that it’s in the forefront of protecting patients when it has Dr Flynn and Dr Moore on it’s Board of Censors.

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