A highly disturbing article

A highly disturbing  article which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 Oct 2017, which includes these paragraphs:-

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

We don’t want to seem flippant in the face of this highly disturbing article, and the matter of rare or less common cancers generally, but we have two main reactions.

Firstly, that you’re always fairly lucky if you see a doctor with any condition who’s honest enough to tell you, “I’ve never seen this condition before and I have no idea how to treat it,” even if that’s the case – doctors you see are more than likely to just scratch around, doing this and that, and collecting their fees regardless.

Secondly, that we’re very familiar with the experience of facing the “daunting task of trying to piece together information from a procession of clinicians who may know little and have even less experience” having gone through this many times in seeking help with matters infinitely more simple and straight forward than cancer. And so, it seems, are many of our readers.

More later.

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