Seeking help for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) problems 2

An email sent to Dr AAA asking if helping seniors with hearing problems was within his “areas of specialisation?”

After 5 days, no reply, so a reminder email sent, which resulted in, “Dr AAA would need to see you for a consultation. If you would like to make an appointment please give our office a call on 0000 0000 to make an appointment,” from someone with no details as to who she was/is, and no attempt to answer the question.

Four TERRIBLE ratings on, and then, all of sudden, within 6 weeks, 4 ratings out of 5 saying that Dr AAA is an amazing doctor after all. Hmmmm!

And lots of 10 out of 10 ratings everywhere else.

A website with lots a great pictures of sexy people. A FaceBook page with lots of likes, and lots of bits and pieces. And into Twitter!

To us, the sad thing is that all this must work with some people. As for us – not interested.

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The Grace Gawler Institute – dealing with 1

The Grace Gawler Institute claims to be “Introducing a New Culture of Cancer Survivorship.”

Preliminary research indicates that it belongs to a lady in her late 50s or early 60s, who, while having no formal medical qualifications, claims to have 42 years experience as “a cancer navigator and patient advocate,” with all sorts of contacts and information that could be helpful to all sorts of cancer sufferers, and who, although based in Queensland, Australia, can be readily contacted by anyone in the whole wide world by email or Skype.

To us, organisations like these, have ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE potential to provide help to you and us, which the medical professions and governments are never going to provide.

Hopefully, all of your questions and ours are going to be answered in coming days, soon!

Mail us at

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Seeking help for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) problems 1

After nearly ten years working on finding the best doctors to see, it’s become clear to us that you/we just have to be EXTREMELY careful in deciding who to see and use. (Just as we have to be in most other areas of our lives.) Amongst other things, see this quote, claimed to apply to Australia:-

Developments in communication technology over the last 25 years or so have opened up so many new ways in which we can carry out research to help us make the best choices.

One of the things we practice and strongly advocate is sending emails to doctors who may be suitable, asking them if the things on which you need help are within their “areas of specialisation?” We find that if we send out at least 20 such emails, that in at least 9 cases out of 10, 2 or 3 stand out as being the best to see, (and, of course, we usually need to only see one.) And that if we see one or more of the ones we have chosen to see in this way, in 9 cases out of 10 they will turn out to be amongst the very best ones we can see.

With this in mind, we are putting together a list of Sydney Ear Nose and Throat specialists who have ordinary email addresses – so far we’re up to 33.

Mail us at

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Buying drugs from India 1

See this incredibly interesting article claiming that life saving drugs that cost $84,000 in the US could be bought for $483 in India.

We’d love to know the latest on this – this article is dated 2 Jun 2016.

Mail us at

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The Ben and Leah Debono Story.

The story briefly is this – see this article.


Doctor 1: “Your mole is nothing to be concerned about.”

Doctor 2: “Your mole is nothing to be concerned about.”

Doctor 3: “You are cancer free” – a week before the wedding.

Doctor 4: “Your symptoms are nothing more than post-wedding stress.”

The article includes this – “Her husband is on a desperate search for answers.” It’s a pound to peanuts that no answers will be found.

Leah was dealing with a doctor or doctors who don’t know, and perhaps often don’t care, whether what they tell you is rubbish, because they know that you have no way of proving, (at least to the likes of the NSW Health Care complaints Commission,) that what you are claiming is true.



Send them a letter along these lines – “On such and such a day, in a consultation I had with you, I understand you to have told me blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Have I got this right?”

It will only take you 5 minutes, IF they have an ordinary email address. And if they don’t have an ordinary email address, you know they are making it much more difficult than it should be to get anything from them in writing, or if they do, and they don’t reply to a letter like the one we’ve set out above, and what they’ve told you is important to you, DON’T RELY ON IT FOR A NANOSECOND!!! YOU HAVE NO PROTECTION AGAINST THE POSSIBILITY THAT WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD IS COMPLETE AND UTTER RUBBISH. LOOK FOR ANOTHER DOCTOR.

They may as well have up somewhere, in big red letters – “I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING I MIGHT DO OR SAY.”

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Seeking treatment for rare and less common cancers 4

It’s probably inevitable that when some rare and less common cancers affect less than 20 people in every 100,000, the chances of those 20 ending up seeing exactly the right people to help them wouldn’t be very high, perhaps not high at all.

But it seems pretty obvious to us that just two things, relatively simple things, are needed to increase those chances quite dramatically.

Firstly, for more Oncologists to provide precise details on their areas of specialisation.

Secondly, for blogs and websites to be created to enable these 20 to more readily access these details.

To us the “Secondly” is kindergarten stuff, but there’s a catch in the “Firstly,” a really BIG catch – Oncologists seem remarkably reluctant to provide any details that would help prospective patients.

We’ve started sending letters by email to Oncologists asking these two questions:-

And so far the response rate has been even worse than we might have predicted.


Could it be because so many of them are dependent for their incomes on lots of people coming to them when they are not exactly the right ones for them to see? That the amount of revenue flowing to the Oncology profession would drop substantially if anything was done to help those needing help to only see exactly the right doctors for them to see. After all the fees are the same for patients to see doctors who are not exactly the right ones. Could it be that this is a factor in patients with rare and less common cancers continuing to see processions “of clinicians who may know little and have even less experience treating their specific cancers,” to use the words in the Sydney Morning Herald article?

We’ll keep sending out our letters and see how things develop.

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Seeking treatment for rare and less common cancers 3

As we’ve been looking into this subject we’ve come across the website of the Grace Gawler Institute, which has us quite intrigued.

Grace Gawler, as a lay person in her early 60s, claims to have years and years of experience in helping people in what she calls “the bewildering cancer maze.”

Fortunately neither us nor anybody we know seems to have any problems with cancer at present, but we’d certainly be recommending to those who have any, that they spend 300 dollars using skype to talk to her for an hour – without really knowing what we’re talking about!

Have any of our readers had any experience with her?

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Doctors and emails 6

Which one of these two would you prefer to have as your doctor?

Dr AAA, a Professor, from whom, after you’ve used his ordinary email address to send him a letter, you get a good response, obviously from the Professor himself, sent from his iPhone, in just over an hour! Almost too good to be true!


Dr BBB, also a Professor, from whom, after you’ve used his ordinary email address to send him a letter you’ve heard nothing after 6 days. So you send him another letter asking if he got your first one, and 3 days later, you get an email from his practice manager, saying, “We received your email the other day and were waiting to present it to Professor BBB. Due to his busy schedule this hasn’t been actioned as of yet.” And a further 3 days later, it still hasn’t been actioned! So 12 days later, nothing! Almost too bad to be true!

The irony of this is that it would have taken Professor BBB 30 seconds or less to provide the “Yes” or “No” response which was all that the letter emailed to him required, himself, or to instruct one of his staff members to provide it. Just like it would have taken Professor AAA no longer than 30 seconds to provide the answer he provided.

As we’re always saying, “By their emails ye shall know them.”

If you’re considering using a particular doctor, think of a question to ask them, and email it to them. By their response or lack of response you’ll know a fair bit about them before you consult them. And of course, always look for doctors who have ordinary email addresses – all other things being equal, don’t bother with those who don’t.

Of course, this last sentence doesn’t apply to GPs in Sydney, just to specialists, as hardly any of them have ordinary email addresses.

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RateMDs is an organisation based in Toronto, Canada, which produces this website, on which it claims there are more than “two million reviews” on doctors world wide. In some ways we are fairly cynical about the ratings on their website, in fact any such ratings, and we often don’t take that much notice of them.

Having said this.

Firstly, often the only thing you can do after having a bad experience with a doctor is to provide a rating on them on this website, with the NSW Health Care Commission and so on performing so horribly.

Secondly, doctors are usually much better off financially than their patients if defamation proceedings could be involved.

Thirdly, for those who decide to use a doctor when 3 out of 6 of the ratings on him are like those shown below, it would seem like madness for them not to be prepared for the possibility that the good ratings are not as genuine as the bad ones, and for them not to be grateful for being warned of this possibility.

There are so many doctors with ratings like this.

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Seeking treatment for rare and less common cancers 2

Correspondence with Rare Cancers Australia on 25..26 Oct 2017 using

Our email.

The reply we got.

Our reply.

Their reply.

Use to send us any questions.

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